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  • Image Processing TechnologiesImage Processing Technologies
    Kiyoharu Aizawa, Katsuhiko Sakaue, Yasuhito Suenaga

    Showcasing the most influential developments, experiments, and architectures impacting the digital, surveillance, automotive, industrial, and medical sciences, Image Processing Technologies tracks the evolution and advancement of computer …

  • Physical Asset ManagementPhysical Asset Management
    Nicholas Anthony John Hastings

    The book provides both an introduction and a convenient reference work, covering all the main areas of physical asset management. Physical asset management is the management of fixed or non-current assets such as equipment and plant.

  • Handbook of Adhesives and Surface PreparationHandbook of Adhesives and Surface Preparation
    Sina Ebnesajjad

    A handbook that truly focuses on the applied aspects of adhesives selection and applications: this is a book that won't gather dust on the shelf  Provides practical techniques for rendering materials surfaces adherable  Sector‐based …

  • Introduction to Tunnel ConstructionIntroduction to Tunnel Construction
    David Chapman, Nicole Metje, Alfred Stärk

    It is a complex process, which requires a firm understanding of the ground conditions as well as structural issues. This book covers the whole range of areas that you need to know in order to embark upon a career in tunnelling.

  • Boundary Value Problems of Heat ConductionBoundary Value Problems of Heat Conduction
    M. Necati Ozisik

    Intended for first-year graduate courses in heat transfer, including topics relevant to aerospace engineering and chemical and nuclear engineering, this hardcover book deals systematically and comprehensively with modern mathematical …

  • A History of Control Engineering 1930 1955A History of Control Engineering, 1930-1955
    Stuart Bennett

    A survey of advances in the field of control engineering from 1930 to 1955, which traces the development of servomechanisms and the electronic negative feedback amplifier, and describes organizations which were developed during World War II …

  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and AnalysisHandbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
    Isaac Bankman

    The Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis is a comprehensive compilation of concepts and techniques used for processing and analyzing medical images after they have been generated or digitized.

  • Picturing Machines 1400 1700Picturing Machines 1400-1700
    Wolfgang Lefèvre

    How technical drawings shaped early engineering practice.

  • Control Systems with Actuator SaturationControl Systems with Actuator Saturation
    Tingshu Hu, Zongli Lin

    All scientists and engineers interested in control systems with actuator saturation will find this book an essential resource.

  • MatlabMatlab
    Stormy Attaway

    This source will be invaluable for engineers, engineering novices, and students learning to program and model in MATLAB. * Presents programming concepts and MATLAB built-in functions side-by-side, giving students the ability to program …

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