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  • La domesticaci n y cr a de la paca Agouti pacaLa domesticación y cría de la paca (“Agouti paca”)

    Mamiferos neotropicales con posibilidades de ser domesticados; nombres comunes; La paca silvestre; La domesticacion y la paca; Metodos tradicionales de cria de paca y sus limitaciones; Planificacion del criadero; Descripcion de las jaulas; …

  • The Chemical History of ColorThe Chemical History of Color
    Mary Virginia Orna

    In this brief, Mary Virginia Orna details the history of color from the chemical point of view.

  • Codex AlimentariusCodex Alimentarius
    Joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission, World Health Organization

    This publication contains guidance on the development and application of international food hygiene standards, which covers practices from primary production through to final consumption, highlighting key hygiene controls at each stage.

  • Light ScienceLight Science
    Thomas Rossing, Christopher J Chiaverina

    Intended for students in the visual arts and for others with an interest in art, but with no prior knowledge of physics, this book presents the science behind what and how we see.

  • El Estado de Los Mercados de Productos Basicos Agricolas 2004El Estado de Los Mercados de Productos Basicos Agricolas 2004

    "El estado de los mercados de productos básicos agrícolas 2004" es el primer número de una nueva publicación bienal que tiene por objeto presentar cuestiones relativas a los mercados de productos básicos de manera objetiva y accesible …

  • Principles of 3D Image Analysis and SynthesisPrinciples of 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis
    Bernd Girod, Günther Greiner, Heinrich Niemann

    Traditionally, say 15 years ago, three-dimensional image analysis (aka computer vi sion) and three-dimensional image synthesis (aka computer graphics) were separate fields. Rarely were expert

  • Adaptive Optics for AstronomyAdaptive Optics for Astronomy
    D.M. Alloin

    This book provides the basic concepts of adaptive optics, discusses the possible instrumental strategies and the state-of-the-art technical achievements of this development and presents the key astrophysical programs which will most benefit …

  • Optical Communication Receiver DesignOptical Communication Receiver Design
    Stephen B. Alexander

    This tutorial text provides an overview of design principles for receivers, based on courses for practising engineers.

  • SpectrophysicsSpectrophysics
    Anne Thorne, Ulf Litzén, Sveneric Johansson

    The first part of the book describes the relations between the structure of atoms and simple molecules and their spectra, including complex atoms, which are not normally covered in introductory texts.

  • LidarLidar
    Claus Weitkamp

    Written by leading experts in optical radar, or lidar, this book brings all the recent practices up-to-date. With a Foreword by one of the founding fathers in the area.

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